Get your design in the hands of our customers nationwide by helping us with the design of a limited-edition Pita Wrap!



The creator of the winning design will not only get their design in the hands of Pita Pit customers nationwide but will also take home a $1,000 cash prize and $500 worth of Pita Pit vouchers.


Draw, paint or create your Pita Wrap design to deliver on the theme ‘KIWI SUMMER’. To be considered designs must meet the below key criteria and be submitted by the 5th of July 2021.

Design Criteria:
  1. Must deliver on the theme ‘KIWI SUMMER’
  2. Design Specifications:
    • Please submit files: 440mm Wide x 330mm High
    • Design to include no more than 4 colours
    • Base colour (background) to be white
    • Include artists/designers signature on design
    • Design to be uploaded digitally
    • Max file size of 20MB
    • File formats accepted: JPG, PNG, PDF.
    • Label File submitted with your name
  3. Fill in the entry fields below
Above Image: Current Pita Pit Wrapping Paper Design


Five finalists will be chosen by Pita Pit NZ on the 19th of July. These top five designs will go to a voting period on Facebook and Instagram where we will ask our social community to vote on their favourite design from the 2nd of August. The design that receives the greatest number of votes as voted by the public by 6th August, will be our chosen winner.

For your best chance at being chosen as a finalist, please ensure you follow the design criteria listed above.


Please follow the above design requirements.
Entries close Monday 5th of July 2021.
Accepted file formats: PNG, PDF, JPG
Max File Size: 20MB


Q: What does the current Pita Pit wrapping paper look like?
A: See here

Q: Who can enter this competition?
A: Anyone with creative flair! If you are a budding artist, designer, graphic designer, painter or creator this competition could be for you. You do not need to have design experience to enter but must be able to submit a design that meets the criteria as stated in the entry details.

Q: How do I find out if my design has made one of the finalists?
A: You will be contacted via the Email Address you provide when submitting, by the 9th July 2021.

Q: How are my details used?
A: Your personal details are kept private and will not be shared. Your email address is used to send communication from Pita Pit NZ. Refer to the full terms and conditions here.

Q: When & how is voting done?
A: Finalist designs will be selected by the Pita Pit NZ team by the 19th of July. The finalists will be contacted by Pita Pit NZ to provide some additional information. The designs and some information about their creators will be shared across our social media channels for voting in early August. The design that receives the highest number of votes from our audience will be awarded first place and will be the competition winner and contacted by Pita Pit NZ.

Q: How do I upload my artwork?
A: Designs must be submitted digitally in JPG, PNG or PDF files. Please refer to the entry details on other submission and file requirements.

Q: When will the new designs feature in-stores nationwide?
A: Designs are likely to be made available nationwide for a limited time this Summer. Launch date to be confirmed.

Q: Are there prizes for 2nd & 3rd Places?
A: 2nd & 3rd place will both receive $50 RRP Pita Pit vouchers.


Read our full terms and conditions here.