Our Food

From Paddock to Pita

Our fresh produce is sourced from local farmers around NZ and delivered fresh to stores where we prepare it each morning. All of our fresh fillings are free from artificial additives and GMO’s. Fresh from the paddock into your tasty Pita or Bowl.

Quality Meats

Our selection of top-tier meats and seafood, prioritising quality with no added antibiotics or hormones, includes offering free range bacon, 100% New Zealand Beef, 100% New Zealand free-range chicken and eggs.

No Added antibiotics and hormones

All of our meats and seafood products contain no added antibiotics or hormones.

Plant-Based and dairy free

We have a range of vegan, vegetarian and dairy free options to choose from including our proteins, fillings and sauces. Just look for the VG, V and DF icons on our menu.

Our Environment

Environ-friendly packaging

Our product packaging range is made from recycled, compostable or biodegradable materials wherever possible. We continue to develop and improve our packaging range in an effort to reduce our contribution to landfill in NZ.

Reducing carbon emissions

We work with local farmers, suppliers and bakers wherever possible in reducing our combined carbon emissions. Particularly through transit within supply chain and through sourcing sustainable materials.

Sustainable cleaning practices

All cleaning products are exclusively supplied by Qual Chem and are biodegradable and PH neutral, keeping our stores squeaky clean minus the nasties!

Our People

Locally-owned and operated

All stores nationwide are locally owned and operated by Kiwis just like you! We support our local economy through providing job opportunities within our local communities.

Pita Pit