Our story
Pita Pit Owners
During his time overseas, Kiwi Chris Henderson became a regular customer at his local Pita Pit in Mammoth, California where he was working as a ski instructor. He gained such a passion for it that he decided to visit the Head Office in Ontario, Canada. Together with his friend and business partner, Duane Dalton, they backed themselves that Kiwis would share the same enthusiasm and embrace the tasty, fresh idea and began development to bring Pita Pit back down-under. Now with over 100 locally-owned and operated stores nationwide, they invite you to taste for yourselves the best tasting Pita’s in the world!
Healthy eating, fresh meals
In our stores you’ll find only the best, natural fillings and ingredients sourced by suppliers, farmers and bakers throughout NZ. Our Pitas are baked daily by a local family bakery, free from artificial additives and preservatives. Our fresh produce is sourced from around New Zealand and delivered to our stores, where we prepare it each morning. We take care to source the best quality meats, free from GMO’s. We use 100% NZ Beef and Lamb, hormone free NZ free-range chicken and eggs and free-farmed ham and bacon.
Pita Pit Staff
But it’s not just the food that’s better. Our team are committed to sustainability and are consciously working to reduce our environmental impact from our packaging to our produce. But don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself.
Our story
We make Kiwi's feel better by making it easy to choose nutritious, tasty, authentic and fresh food that's good for you and your taste buds. No meal-hangovers here. Because when it comes to your body, we know that fuelling it with great foods means you can be at your best. But it's not just the food that's better, we want our customers to have the best possible experience at every touchpoint from the in-store environment and customer service, through to online and delivery with our team living by the motto that 'better never stops'.
We care for the health and wellbeing of our customers, our people and our planet. In our stores you'll find only the best, natural fillings and ingredients sourced from our team of suppliers, farmers, bakers and artisans throughout New Zealand. Our team are consciously working to reduce our environmental impact on our planet starting with minimising plastic waste and using sustainable, free range, free farmed and local ingredients wherever possible. We hold ourselves to a high standard to ensure that our customers not only receive the best tasting Pita in the world but can rest assured it's better for you and the planet too, as we consistently strive to be better.
We believe if more people could access our nutritious tasty Pitas, whenever, wherever and however they wanted, the world would be a better place. That's why we continually strive to be better by ensuring our products and services are accessible, quick, effortless and efficient.
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We're not a fad or a trend. We're Pita specialists committed to providing real, good quality and nutritious meal options that everyone can enjoy. Don't simply take our word for it, visit your locally owned and operated Pita Pit (that's all of them!) and let us show you through our food, our service and our business practices.
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